EZ2 LOTTO UPDATE July 20, 2024 – Today's EZ2 results, as released by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), are available for the 2 pm, 5 pm, and 9 pm draws.

Below are the official results for the PCSO 2D EZ2 for today:

Draw Date 2:00 PM 5:00 PM 9:00 PM
17/07/2024 07-20 01-25 27-13
16/07/2024 21-10 01-20 26-03
15/07/2024 16-13 04-28 10-19

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The numbers listed above are the official winning combinations for today's EZ2 draws.

Always double-check your numbers with the official PCSO website for accuracy. cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies that might result in financial setbacks or unclaimed prizes.

Feel free to browse our EZ Results History page for a look at previous results, which can help with your analysis. Additionally, you can visit our Hearing page to catch the latest predictions for today. Don't forget to also check out today's updates for the 3D Swertres Result, STL Lotto Result, and other Lotto outcomes.

Major Lotto Games Latest Jackpot Prize

Here's a snapshot of the most recent jackpot prizes for the main lottery games offered by PCSO.

Major Lotto Draw Jackpot Prize
6/58 Ultra Lotto Php 49.5 Million+
6/55 Grand Lotto Php 38 Million+
6/49 Super Lotto Php 15.8 Million+
6/45 Mega Lotto Php 15 Million+
6/42 Lotto Php 10 Million+

How to play and win the EZ2 Lotto?

To participate in the 2D Ez2 Lotto, participants need to pick a pair of numbers, with one number from "1 to 31" in each column on the bet slip. If you're unsure of which numbers to pick, simply mark "Lucky Pick (LP)", and the computer will randomly select a combination for you. You'll bag the prize if your chosen numbers match the draw in the precise order.

If you're looking to play in advance, simply indicate the desired number of successive draws in the designated section. You can bet anywhere from Php12.00 to Php600.00, which includes the 20% Documentary Stamp Tax (DST). If you're interested in the 2D Lotto System bet, you can select the "Rambolito" option. Remember, the base bet for each 2-number combination is Php12.00.

If you're opting for Advance Draws, specify the number of back-to-back draws you'd like to participate in. You can use the same number and play style for up to six consecutive draws, with a cost of Php12.00 for each entry. While the Rambolito System Play offers the Lucky Pick (LP) feature, you can't choose repeating digits.

EZ2 Lotto Winning Prizes?

For the Standard play, you stand to win Php 4,000.00 if your combination matches exactly. In the Rambolito play, you can win Php 2,000.00 with a double combination, regardless of the order.

Remember, to clinch the jackpot in the 2D Ez2 Lotto, every single one of your chosen numbers must align perfectly with the winning combination.

Similar to the 3D Lotto, the 2D Lotto holds three daily draws. The day kicks off with a draw at 11:00 AM, followed by one at 4:00 PM, and concludes with an evening draw at 9:00 PM.

How to claim the EZ2 Lotto Prize?

If you win an amount between 24.00 and 10,000.00 pesos, you can collect your prize from any nearby authorized PCSO lotto outlet or the closest PCSO branch, but only after your ticket has been validated.

For winnings that exceed 10,001.00 pesos, you should visit the nearest PCSO Branch office. If your prize is over 20,000 pesos, you'll need to claim it at the PCSO main office situated at 605 Conservatory Bldg., Shaw Boulevard, corner Princeton St., Mandaluyong City.

Keep in mind, any prize amount greater than Php 10,000.00 will have a 20% tax deducted, in line with the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Act.

PCSO’s Important Reminders

The 2D Lotto drawing takes place every day at 11:00 am, 4:00 pm, and 9:00 pm, broadcasted live on PTV. Remember, only individuals who are 18 or older are permitted to participate in the 2D Lotto and claim any winnings.

It's crucial to handle your Lotto ticket with care. Avoid exposing it to water or extreme heat, as the tickets are sensitive to heat. The PCSO won't honor any ticket that appears to have been tampered with.

EZ2 Results Updates Today July 20, 2024

Apart from SwertresResultToday.Org, enthusiasts can also catch the Ez2 Lotto draws on PCSO's official Facebook and YouTube channels.

The PCSO also broadcasts lotto draws on their social media platforms. If there's going to be a suspension of draws due to significant national holidays, the PCSO informs the public well in advance.

During holidays or specific special events when draws aren't held, the PCSO ensures the public is informed about when the next draw will take place.

Visit SwertresResultToday.Org for the latest PCSO Ez2 results, in-depth analysis, tips for the day, and much more!

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